Communication Strategies in Gaming and Esports

Communication Strategies in Gaming and Esports


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Course Overview

This course will teach you all about the various aspects of communication. You’ll learn about asking questions, probing for information, active listening, and body language. Supporting skills are also covered, such as self-esteem, building relationships with others, and assertiveness.


Course Length: 12 Weeks

Course Hours: 16

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Each day, we communicate with others through our spoken words, body language, and written communication. Effective communications are vital to achieving the goals and objectives in school, in life both short-term and long-term. Whether; trying to improve your brand, speaking to an audience or even writing or speaking to a family member.  Failure to communicate well can result in adverse outcomes and missed opportunities.

Leadership role in communications:  Good communications is an important leadership tool. Either as a leader in the profession or a professional developing your leadership skills, you can leverage your opportunities and knowledge to reach a broad range of stakeholders. Important aspects to this leadership role are:

  • Knowing and reaching out to key audiences/stakeholders.
  • Recognizing communications opportunities.
  • Developing and conveying key messages.
  • Providing useful, relevant information to groups or individuals.
  • Making use of resources given to be a more effective communicator.
  • Coordinating with colleagues.
  • Encouraging fellow members to be active communicators.