Developing an eLearning Course

Developing an eLearning Course


This course will ensure that training personnel have the skills to develop eLearning courses. It starts by outlining the common elements of common instructional design models and summarizing the common elements of eLearning development. Then each element is explored and practiced to gain practical skills in eLearning development. This includes creating an organizational needs assessment; writing measurable learning objectives; determining assessment types; creating a rubric for an eLearning assignments; using Universal Design for Learning, supporting LGBTQ2+ learners, accessibility standards, and media standards; establishing eLearning activities; creating a storyboard; choosing an eLearning authoring tool and LMS; and evaluating at each level of Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation, including determining return on expectation for impact evaluation.

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This one-day course will give you tools to be able to create a successful eLearning course. The course provides practical skills for all the essential components of an eLearning development process: conducting a needs assessment; composing learning objectives and assessments; reducing barriers through universal design; setting the design strategy; outlining, gathering content, storyboarding; and evaluating the success of the training. Additionally, time is taken to review authoring tools and learning management systems.