Mastering Adult Learning Methods

Mastering Adult Learning Methods


This course will ensure that you have the skills to compare and contrast the teaching of children (pedagogy) and adult learning (andragogy), to apply best practices in adult education within your own classroom, to explain the importance of reflection in adult learning, to develop and use self-reflection and group reflection within classroom activities to enhance learning, to explain the importance of experiential, self-directed, project based, and action learning in adult education and to develop and use experiential learning, self-directed, project-based, and action learning classroom activities to enhance learning.

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This one-day course draws on andragogical best practices and hands-on experience with several learning methods (reflection, experiential, self-directed, project-based, action learning) to give the adult educator a set of methodological tools for successful adult education. The course also emphasizes the importance of reflective practice to continually improve one’s education craft.