Project Management Principles and Performance Domains

Project Management Principles and Performance Domains


This course will allow new and seasoned project managers to feel ready to go to the next level in managing their own projects. It starts by exploring project-related principles and performance domains and then has the participant gain an understanding of what internal and external environmental factors are. Participants will also learn how to identify and foster high-performing teams, describe cadence and tailoring, and understand the importance of metrics to measure outcomes and results. Other course goals include: knowing the life cycle and phases of the project, illustrating what predictive approaches and incremental approaches are, explaining the difference between cost of quality and cost of change, and understanding the concept of uncertainty and its significance to projects.

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This course will look at project value delivery systems, environmental factors, and governance in project management. It will define portfolios, programs and projects and give an overview of the project management principles and performance domains as introduced in the Standard for Project Management and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide Seventh Edition.